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​Name of the author: 
Nancy Iankowitz, Founder, Universe's Secretary
How to contact the author: 
Use the form below


Step #1:

Subject: Write  "I need a book"  [specify which book & how many: Marcy and Her Friends; Tales of The Soil; Conversations With Our Daughters; Illusion:Redefined] or  "I need a customized poem (or story) "


*Note: Customized stories are unbound & appropriate for children between the ages of 7-13. There are no illustrations. Binding (to make a book) is available at an extra charge. An unbound story will arrive either on specialty paper or via email as an attached file (no extra cost). You can then turn it into a book yourself by going to Staples or an online publisher.

Step #2:

Message: "This is for a ______  (state the event) and I know what I want to do" or 

"I need help figuring out what to write"


You may write a few details, questions etc. in the "message" section.

Include YOUR phone contact information and best time to reach you.


Step #3:

What you can expect:

  • a call or email from the author within 3-5 days

  • a 15-minute free consultation directly with the author

  • if  you & the author agree on a product & time frame, free delivery of the first draft

  • no charge or obligation to purchase the first draft

  • no obligation price quote if you decide to continue on to a final product 


Payment is due ONLY once you are completely satisfied with the final product

Your details were sent successfully!

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