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The Person holding the pen . . .

I am the author of three (3) books, co-author of two (2) additional books (under a pen name), ghost writer of countless essays, and have been invited to publish my original works in a wide range of magazines, creative and scientific journals as well as books of poetry.


Contact me directly at:

Follow me on Facebook: "N.E.C. Iankowitz"




How do I begin?

You choose from the following:


(a)  Card

(b) Toast for an event

(c)  Personalized children's story WITHOUT illustrations [you may request to have your child's name 'plugged into' a Marcy Story from 'Marcy and Her Friends'  OR  you may request a special short, original story featuring your child]

(d) Personalized, autographed book


(a)  Short Card or Toast (5-7 lines)   

(b)  Medium Card or Toast (8-15 lines)

(c)  Long Card or Toast (16 - 27 lines)

(d)  Original Short Story (900 - 1000 words)


Submit your personalized details for the poem and email as well as phone contact information in the "Message" box of the email.  


How do I place my order?

1. Click here    OR   Go to the 'CONTACT' section and begin your email.  

2. Write your question, or request in the message box, and any special personality details you would like to include in the poem (if applicable).

Choose the "Product"  and "Length"  [from lists above]


(Special note: For personalized poems/ vows/ toasts there are two separate choices: 'Electronic' and 'Printed.' The electronic version may be preferable if you are in a rush to receive your order and you have access to a good printer).  


When will I be contacted?

You should receive a response to your email within 3-5 days. If you provide a phone #, the author will contact you directly by phone as well.  


How long does it take to receive my first draft?


The first draft is submitted for your approval  3-5 days from the date of your contact with the author.



How will I receive the first draft?

An email version of the first draft of your poem, in .pdf or .doc format is provided.


What happens after I read the first draft?

After you read your first draft, you either accept it and request the final draft (to be emailed or sent USPS, depending on your chosen product) OR submit corrections (plan to dialogue with the author to perfect your message).  


Can I request revisions to the poem after I receive the first draft?

Yes. Each customer has the opportunity to request up to two revisions after receiving the first draft. The goal is for you to feel your heartfelt expression is accurately captured and reflected in this very personalized gift. The author's goal is for you to be satisfied with and proud of the finished product. Once the final poem is approved, no revisions or adjustments are made.


When do I get my final product?


By UPS or USPS, click here to place your order. 


Cards Suitable for Framing (frame is NOT included)

Electronically: The final product is emailed to you within 48 hours of your acceptance of the final draft. 

USPS: If a hard copy is selected, you will receive two (2) copies of your personalized poem, each printed on one sheet of 8 1/2 " x 11" specialty Parchment paper (wt: 24 lb) suitable for framing. This is sent out within 72 hours of your acceptance of the final draft. You will receive notification of the tracking number.


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